The Whirlwind Of Multitasking


I wake in the morning feeling energized as I open the windows to let the sunshine in, brew a pot of coffee, eat a bite for breakfast, hug my kiddos….and decide to run a few loads of laundry. I begin to feel like this is gonna be a great day; it started off great, and it’s gonna end with a great sense of accomplishment…a house filled with love and clean clothes!

And then, before I know it, the whirlwind of multitasking has begun…

I begin to fold and put the first load of clean clothes away and I get distracted by the dog’s empty water dish, and decide to set the laundry down a sec to fill it. As I’m filling the dish I realize last nights dinner dishes didn’t get done so I quick do them. While in the kitchen I see the medicine spoon on the sink that I used the night before to give my child “growing pain” medicine so I run to the bathroom to put it back, and see that the bathroom is out of toilet paper, so of course I run to the closet to get more. While in the closet I am reminded that I forgot to get fresh towels out for my bathroom so I go ahead and take those to my room only to discover the laundry that I was working on earlier is still laying there getting wrinkled…so back to the dryer they go to get the wrinkles out.

I know that sounds like a pretty run on scenerio, but it seems to be more common in my life then I wish it was. I may be good at multitasking, but at the end of the day I’m not so sure I’m effective at it. I mean after all I have to re-fluff the clean clothes and waste time and money. Oh, and not to mention, the coffee has to be reheated too!

I don’t know why I find it difficult to stay on one track and complete it before moving on to the next. So in order to help guide myself to be a better time manager and task completer I’ve decided to focus on one room in the house at a time, and not even grab that one little thing that needs to be put away, even if it goes in the room of where I am going.

We shall see how it goes…

But first, I’m gonna drink this cup of coffee!


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