letters to Chloe

Dear Chloe,

Today you are 3 months old. You are growing and blossoming right before my eyes. When you smile you make my heart melt with such love and joy for you. Your giggle is so perfect, and makes me want to giggle too. You have a sparkle in your eye that leads me to believe that you truly are happy and you can feel the love that’s all around you.

Daddy, Samuel and I just can’t get enough of you. You fill all our hearts with joy! Your big brother has a constant watch on you, and will always come to your rescue. He talks so sweet to you, plays with you, and even makes your bottle and feeds you. He always makes sure you get your bedtime hugs and kisses, and “I love you’s”…more than once. You have a super sweet big brother who I know will always be there for you.

Here are a few things we can remember about you at 3 months:

  • You weighed 12 lbs. 13 oz. at your 10 week check-up
  • Your eyes are pretty blue now
  • You giggle more
  • You have begun to babble and coo…so cute!
  • You can grab some smaller toys and stuffed animals (Han, Ellen, Leah Lamb, and Winks are your favorite…which you helped name)
  • Bath time has become your favorite. You kick and splash a lot, and you giggle and scream when water gets drizzled over your head. The anticipation in your eye is quite hysterical, and your breathing gets fast when you know it’s coming
  • You sleep 9-11 hours through the night (most nights) and you always wake up happy. (I am grateful for another morning person in the family)
  • You like to go to Summer’s house to play
  • You can see things from across the room (like your big brother playing)
  • You are beginning to find your thumb by sucking on your hand…just can’t quite get your little thumb in your mouth
  • Daddy is still the one to make you laugh the most
  • The TV has caught your eye, and Mickey Mouse is becoming your friend
  • You can hold your head up pretty good and you try to pull yourself up when you are laying in my arms
  • You are starting to snuggle with your snuggie
  • You are showing signs that you will roll over soon
  • You still don’t like your car seat
  • You have started to cry at strangers (usually when you’re tired)
  • Oh, and you got your first pair of Gap jeans!

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