[DIY] Christmas Card Hanger

So I’ve been spending way too much time some quality time reading DIY blogs and poking around on Pinterest that I thought I should join this DIY blogging party that seems to be going on. So here I go!

With an attempt to be resourceful this Christmas I have decided to get creative with stuff I already have. When I came upon this at craft idea at Pintererst I thought to myself, “I can totally make that!…hmm, now what can I use?” I began pulling apart craft bins and going through my art supplies, and came up with a plan.

Here’s what I pulled out:

  • 1 large piece of sturdy cardboard (not that corrugated stuff)
  • scrap-booking cutting board
  • scrap-booking glue tape
  • scrap-booking exact o knife
  • craft paint (I used red, black, and ivory)
  • printout of your text on card stock paper
  • wired ribbon
  • twist ties
  • 2 paintbrushes
  • hot glue gun
  • hanging hook (I used a small “Command” hook)
  • a bunch of clothes pins

...yes I did this on top of my washing machine

Step 1:
Cut your cardboard to the size you want and paint it. I painted my red with a drop of black to give it a textured look (don’t mix completely). I had to paint a few coats so I made sure the black streaks showed up on the top coat, and not necessarily the bottom coats.

Step 2:
Print and cut your text from the card stock paper. I used white paper with a grayed outline of the text for easy cutting. Make sure you have a firm protected surface for cutting. I used another piece of the cardboard.

See? It's a mess!

Step 3:
Paint text. I used the same piece of cardboard that I used for the cutting. Make sure your letters don’t dry and stick to the cardboard. I pained in one spot and then moved them to dry.

Step 4:
Glue text to painted board. I used scrap-booking glue tape, but you could use whatever works for you. I was actually hoping to use spray glue, but I didn’t have any.

Step 5:
Tie your ribbon.

  • Make 4 loops holding firmly in the center (Loop 1 on left, Loop 1 on right, twist and repeat).
  • Tie the center together tightly using a twist tie.
  • Using the long end of the ribbon loop it back over to make center of bow. This will hide your twist tie.
  • Turn bow around in your hand, and twist ribbon tail 360 degrees. Pinch tightly.
  • Secure with another twist tie.
  • You will need to cut another piece of ribbon and secure it on separately.
Step 6:
Secure the bow to the back of the board at the top and the bottom of both ribbon tails with a hot glue gun.
And voila! There you have it!
Now all I need is some sweet Christmas cards.

One thought on “[DIY] Christmas Card Hanger

  1. I was looking for a creative way to display my chirstmas cards this year. I thought that I would have to buy one. Thanks for sharing this easy and fun idea!

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