something new this year…

This year for Christmas we adopted a new tradition that I hope to carry on for many years to come!

We got The Elf On The Shelf!

There was such a buzz going on about this little elf that I had to go check it out for myself. I love the idea of this tradition, and how it engages the whole family.

If you’ve not heard of him, here is the basic idea. Santa sends an elf to your home to sit and watch and see who is being naughty or nice. Then at night when the kids go to bed he reports back to Santa at the North Pole. The next morning he will reappear in a different spot waiting for the kids to find him again. You can’t touch the elf, but you can talk to him all you want and tell him everything you love and want for Christmas.

He’s so cute and brings a whole bag full of fun right to your home. Some days he behaves and some days he gets himself caught in a pickle or a little trouble.

Here is where Samuel found him this morning. He colored the milk pink with food coloring.

I wonder where we will find him next…


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